About Me

Hola people!

Thanks for taking some time to check out the “About” page! I truly appreciate the gesture!

Basically I’m a programmer/web developer by profession. Writer & blogger by choice.

When I am not engrossed with writing programming codes, I am often found either reading that good novel or following my passion to write.

I feel to be a good writer, the basic quality (apart from language, obviously!) one needs is good observational skills and the ability to easily convey what you ought to! And I do exactly that. I love sharing my experiences through my blogs. I love to observe people around, the surroundings, nature, emotions, trying out new things – it all just makes life worth living!

For me LIFE = Exploring + Reading + Writing + Good Food + Great Music + Movies


P.S. – The images used as featured images in my posts are sourced from Google. Some are my own clicks!