Why Do I Need to Define Myself

Why do I need to define myself

When I know you would still judge me
whatever be the case!

Why should I choose my words
When I know they ‘ll still raise certain brows no matter how much sweet I talk!

Why should I hide my opinion just to please you
When I know you are wrong and me putting some sense might actually help!!!

Why should I limit myself
When I know the only limit is the one created by one’s own mind!

Why should I follow old rules for the sake of it
When I know there’s no practicality behind…Give me one & I shall follow it all!

Why should I have to be perfect all the time
When I know that perfection lies in all those little imperfections combined!

Why should I stop myself from anything
When I know at the end it’s gonna be an experience – either good or bad!

Why should I accept my defeat even before the battle starts
When I know unless I try I lose it anyway!

Why should I not ask an idiotic simple question
When I know that I don’t know & don’t pretend to be a genius!

So let me be as rebellious & blunt as I want to…
As carefree as I want to…
As stupid as I want to…
As insanely funny as I want to…
As imperfect as I want to…
As the package of it all makes me who I am
And I am not afraid to be that person!!!


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