The So-Called Liabilities!!

We’re living in 21st century where people claim that there is no difference between a guy & a girl. They are treated as equals and given equal opportunities, we support girls and blah blah blah. But its only in preaching as still in today’s day and age most families prefer a son over a daughter(there are very few exceptions though). Because a son is considered an asset while a girl is a liability! As if they are dealing with balancesheets not their children who have just come into this world.

The last two lines are the beginning of the beautiful simple movie called Badrinath ki Dulhania. They start of with this reality highlighting the problem of dowry. The very reason why girls are considered a liability. Few minutes into the movie I thought this topic might be left or sidelined as the love story progresses but thankfully it was not. Although its a breezy romcom that makes you feel good but at the same time it brings forth the heroine’s character in a way you can’t miss to notice. A girl who follows her dreams. A girl who wants to become a son of her family as they are two sisters in a normal middle class household. A girl who wants to be something in life so that her dad does not have to worry about the dowry. On the other side our hero Badri, wonderfully played by VD (Varun Dhawan) is ssc passed guy of a rich and influential father. Having no particular goal in life. He is happy doing what he does but things change when he meets and falls for Vaidehi (Alia). I won’t write much about the story as it would be spoilers to this fun ride. The only thing I will say is its a typical story which is treated differently and impressively. You know at the end there would be happy ever afters but the journey shown of the characters are delight to be a part of!

So coming back to the liability thing; how much we deny the fact & say the laws are stricter but dowry still exists everywhere. Government has prohibited sex determination to save the girl child but its conducted secretly and you will find many cases if you search. There was this recent news about female foeticide in Sangli by a homeopath for about 10 years. There are 945 girls for 1000 boys as per current figures. Where are we heading? Why have people become so hypocrites? They can sing slogans on road for women empowerment but when it comes to practice what they preach, very few succeed.

Well we still have to go a long way to attain this equal status. Meanwhile you can do your bit by respecting, encouraging and appreciating the women in your family, your girl friends, your sisters to stand on their own feet and never stop chasing their dreams! All they need is respect, support and equal opportunities to prove themselves!

For a dream is a dream after all, it doesn’t discriminate between genders !!!


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