Expectations – You can’t live with & without it!

We have all heard from someone at some point of our lives that “Never expect anything from anyone” or “expectations always hurt” and “Expect and you will only get disappointed” and what not. All these things are true for sure but do we really stop expecting from people close to us? No. Do people around you stop expecting from you? No. Forget people you can’t even stop expecting from your own pretty self (So you should not expect people to stop expecting too ;)!)! Used too much of the word na, I know. I feel the same!

Imagine you woke up late in the morning and got late for office or college or whatever. You expected the alarm to buzz on time as usual but somehow it didn’t. Then you expected mom to wake you up but she also didn’t. And you’re late. This is very petty, day to day kind of example of ‘expectation’ – very common and harmless; as after waking up you can get ready in fast forward and get going! End of topic.

 It’s only then when these expectations grow bigger, it starts creating problems. Suppose you had a huge argument with someone and not on talking terms after that. Somewhere you start expecting the other person to take the first step and similarly that person might think the same. Reason being you both expected the same thing from each other instead of communicating. These are much underrated problem areas I have referred to; as in reality it can become a real messy!


So what should be done? However hard you try not to get into this expectation muddle it does somewhere get hold of you. There are very few people in the world that can live like that (such blessed & sorted souls!). The thing is when you become real close to some people you want them to know (& sometimes guess!) how are you feeling or what’s going on in your mind. You don’t realize the fact that they might not understand you on the level you understand them. And even if they do they don’t want to do it for their own set of thinking. So when they don’t act as per your expectations, you get hurt. It can be vice versa too as many things might be expected from you which you had no idea about!

Because when there is true kind of affection between people; expectations do come into picture – a little love, a little care, a little assurance, a little text, a call, a little time however small these things can be but something of it. As they say something is better than nothing. So fulfilling these small little criterion are worth it. On the other hand, the expectations which burden your mind, soul, make your life harder; you should definitely get rid of them.

Small and positive amount of expectations can make your life and excess of it can ruin all of it. New Year is around the corner so let us all hope for the great year ahead – both with & without expectations!

Control your expectations, don’t let it control you!


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