She’s Just Like You…!

She’s just like you,
A little crazy & a bit sane.
But she is told to be in control all the time!

She’s just like you,
Who loves roaming around
But is instructed not to especially alone!

She’s just like you,
Who wants to party the night away…
But unfortunately has deadlines to adhere!

She’s just like you,
Smart, intelligent & career-oriented…
But is still expected to learn cooking & other “important” household-chores!

She’s just like you,
Dedicated towards her work commitments.
But is expected to be home by a certain time no matter how important that work may be!

She’s just like you,
Friendly, curious, funny, helpful.
But is adviced time and again to not get so friendly as that may be misinterpreted!

She’s just like you,
Ambitious, aspirational, wanting to get everything she desires unafraid of the tough path.
But is told not to be so as there is no practical need to go the extra mile!

She’s just like you,
Who laughs so hard & loud that makes heads turn.
But is told to tone down the volume!

She’s just like you,
Blunt, fearless and bold
But is told to control these qualities to avoid any trouble!

She’s just like you,
Who wants to follow her heart.
But instead is expected to follow the customs & traditions!

She’s just like you,
As carefree and independent.
But her independence itself is subject to certain terms and conditions!

She’s just like you,
With thousands of emotions running under the surface.
But those are not paid much attention to!

She’s just like you,
Having certain goals and standards.
But is expected to not clash them with family’s priorities!

She’s just like you,
Full of life, dreams, love, laughter, hatred, anger, passion, mistakes, achievements!

But she’s different.
Different ‘coz she probably has to fight a hundred battles to be herself!


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