Love or friendship? It’s complicated!

It’s indeed a very much discussed topic. We all have had a conversation about it a million times! Who would you choose if you have to between your love and friendship? Many would prefer love while many would go for the latter. But what if when you find both these things in the same person? What if you start loving your best friend who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings? Yeah, that’s right. It’s indeed what Ae Dil He Mushkil is all about!

The situation then becomes too complicated. Even if you open up and discuss about it, talk and respect each other’s feelings; things do change. The equation between both of you at some point or the other does not remain the same. As human beings, we all tend to expect something in return for the tiniest of things that we do for others (people who say they don’t expect anything from people are also included, no matter how much they shout about it!). It’s human tendency. So when there is love involved, you expect nothing short but love.

We use a special term for this scenario – “Friend zoned”! The word itself is so weird. As if we have offended him/her by referring to as our friend! As if life se kisiko tadipar kar diya! It has that left-out feeling. Of denying someone the thing that he/she felt they were eligible for but you thought the otherwise. You feel bad about it. After all you share a relationship with that person, the best & purest relation in the world – friendship. But no, it’s not your mistake. Not even your friend’s. Each one of us has a set image of our prospective partners and the one who is made for you, only he/she will fit into that. And it’ll happen so smoothly that no convincing would be needed then. While your friend-zoned friend thinks of you in such way; it just does not feel right for you. And that’s okay. That’s what Anushka’s character (Alizeh) tries to make Ayaan(RK) understand that she only loves him as her best friend. She even confesses that their friendship means to her the most, even above her love (Fawad’s character)! Above all the relations in her life! And Ayaan just can’t get it and accept why he can’t be more than a friend but still can’t stop himself from loving her!

A different story with amazing performances & some beautiful dialogues thru out the film which will stay with you for long. Music is the heart of the film where the songs come right on time.  Some of the scenes use only the eyes to convey how the character is feeling.

A mature topic & a refreshing take on love and friendship!


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