The Journey Continues…!

Everyone’s journey is different…

So are their destinations…

There are highs which keeps you spirited,

Then there are lows which you wish you could just shift+Del!

You meet many people along the way;

Some walk with you for a few steps while some stay there like forever!

You make memories together…living to the fullest

Whether joyful or with sorrow;

the journey continues…

Absorbing some traits from everyone around

Adding, changing & improving your personality

Making your journey interesting in the process!


Many paths are crossed,

Many are left un-walked!

Some dreams become reality,

While some are modified to suit the situation!

There are endless conversations,

There are also some words left unspoken;

but the journey continues…

There is the first love you won’t ever forget,

There are friends, who are more like family

There are people who leave you;

Without whom once you never imagined your life but

You made thru that phase too and;

the journey continues…

There is jealousy, hatred & insecurities you don’t want to admit about

When sometimes you feel you’ve had enough

And the next moment it seems you’ll pull thru it too

Yet there also is something within, which gets you going;

the journey continues…

There are so many moments you want to relive,

So many moments captured & stored safe in your heart,

Many promises made & broken to yourself and your loved ones,

All this while you realize you have come a long way;

With somewhere deep within a series of smiles, apologies, passion, emotions, hopes, dreams, desires

Giving you all the new strength!

But my dear friend,

The journey still and will always continue…!


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