Not Just a Thought…!

Usually when I am sitting alone, there are like probably thousand things running into my mind! But just when I make up my mind to sit down and write about it, all of it disappears and I think was I actually thinking and if I was then what was it about…!!!

And it is indeed happening today too. My bad luck I guess. And am not even sure what will I be able to put through at the end of this write up.

These random thoughts are a simple getaway from the chaotic stuff we get ourselves stuck into!

Sometimes I wonder if it happens only with me or others too feel the same. And then I get the answer. Obviously people must be feeling the same; after all I am not an alien & neither other are from a different planet..!!


So here am I again trying to discover the untold stuff and making a little sense on this lazy Sunday afternoon; making it a bit productive by following the hobby.

Thoughts indeed are real crazy. They never leave you alone. It is the only work we don’t stop doing even while sleeping! When you are working, you keep thinking about the work; totally dedicated. You also keep thinking how you are going to spend the rest of your day, what you will do this weekend to just chill and relax. You start making plans in your head; completely unaware if all the things are going to go as you’ve planned. But even after knowing this, you still make plans, don’t you?!!! 😀 And the funny thing is you never get tired of this process..!

When I started writing this, there was a different thought altogether but considering the wandering nature of mind..I have put together another one.

But these thoughts are an important part of life. Because over the period of time, they let you become you. They let you define you. They let you recognize you. Let you be the kind of person you think you are.

So keep that thought. Hold it. Understand it. Live it.

Happy “thought” time..!!


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