The Lost Child In Us!!!

Wish we could all be like children all our lives…Innocent, fearless, expressive, and living in the moment all the time!

Where today’s fight is not remembered tomorrow instead celebrated with a candy!

Where we don’t fear about losing a game; all we care about is playing in the first place and then put our heart and soul into the efforts to win it!

Where we smile and light up the whole room!

Where we wake up in the morning with a smile and take the exciting day as it is!

Where we love to blow candles not bothering about whose birthday it actually is!

Where we love to run after the bubbles and butterflies!
Where we don’t judge you by your looks; just respond with how you treat us!

Where anything and everything gets us curious & we want all the genuine details [Not your stupid and cooked up stories]!

Where we just stare at the sky, watching the birds chirp, paint the worst drawing and feel proud about it and even brag after completing it!

Where the only differentiation we know and care about is among the shades of colors; not people!

Where we don’t have to think before we speak; we just say it as it is. [Black is black & white is white. There is no concept of grey!]

Where we help each other wholeheartedly; not for selfish reasons!

Where we don’t put others down to raise our own self!

Where we don’t care about what people think; if we want that chocolate or ice cream, we just want it. End of the matter!

Where we don’t fear experimenting or exploring ourselves!

Where we don’t mind if we fall midway; we just get up, gather ourselves and get going again!

Where we forget our failure by indulging with that pastry in a fraction of time and even manage to laugh about it!

Where we actually believe that superheroes are for real and by playing that video game we’re saving the world out of danger!

Where we can just be ourselves; not controlled by anyone to be and act a certain a way!


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