All The Craziness About Big Indian ‘Marriages’!!!

Recently one of my cousins got married and that too with a grand celebration of 3 days functions. Another one’s wedding is early next month with one more following in mid January. It feels like some wedding season has been introduced in my extended family! As if everyone around me is set to tie the knot!  Good. Good for them, I am so happy for them. At least I get this excuse to go shopping because I can’t attend all of their functions in repetitive clothes. We girls have to be particular about such things after all!

While I was attending his reception, noticing crazy relatives around me (including me in the crazy list too ‘coz I am half crazy because of them!) I felt this marriage thing is such a big deal here. Parents are after you after certain age to get settled. If you’ve already found your love then okay but if not; man, I am warning you that to attend this kind of functions is purely dangerous! Everyone from your close to distant relatives will ask you your bio data. “What are you doing?” ‘Well right now I’m attending this wedding’.”Ohh! You completed your studies so when are you getting married?” ‘The next day itself if you say. After all that’s why I earned those degrees. To show them off to people & finally get married!’ “Acha beta, you come to my suburb for work then you must visit us na! We stay so nearby.” ‘Of course aunty. I will the next half day I get!’ [If I start visiting each & everyone of them then I won’t get my much needed ‘me time’ on half days too so I politely say I will. When don’t know!] And that cliched one “kitne bade ho gaye tum”  ‘kya karu uncle! Koi option nai tha na!’

All this and a lot more goes around. I mean attending someone’s wedding in India is equal to your family finding that prospective match for you. Already making plans and imagining the whole scene in their head with total excitement as if its gonna happen tomorrow!! Phew! On the other side; the bunch of my younger cousins were busy clicking selfies to post on fb. It was like they were competing with the bride and groom  in terms of photographs. There was no end to their clicks and poses. They were all charged up enjoying their time with each other with no worries just clicking endless pics with stupid poses. Spreading giggles & laughters. Such a contrast! That is exactly why people miss their teenage days.

I was lost in such thoughts when my bhabhi asked me that exact question,  when will you get married? I would have a reason to shop then! And I said I will soon; hoping that the soon becomes longer! And we again get busy noticing whose wearing what things and trying to recognize people when finally we are called for dinner!



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