Luck! Is It All About It? Naah!!!

After a long day at work, I was waiting for my parcel of grilled sandwiches to be ready at my regular go-to place; one of the best sandwichwala of my suburb; if mom is not cooking for dinner. Uncle had a busy day as the place was totally packed. So I was just looking around noticing people to kill the time. There was a couple talking to their infant in both gujju and marathi. And the adorable baby trying to reply them in her own baby language. I was admiring her when a group of college friends caught my attention. There was nothing captivating or extra ordinary except their topic of conversation. There was a guy among them talking about his lucky t-shirt that helped him do well in the test conducted at class. He was saying how his lucky t-shirt just changed his fate & gave him the required amount of brains and calm to write the answers. Like seriously? Can it happen? If so, then people who are manufacturing pens and garments and books for that matter should listen to this and start making more of such miraculous things. At least then the suicide rates among students would decrease!

Can a thing really get lucky for you? Can it really change your life or a particular situation you are into? Well I doubt because practically that can’t be true right. But it is the phase when all such stuff gets into your mind. A secret. When I was in college I had this one pen which I used for all my important exams. It was considered lucky by me during my college years. It was my favorite. My lucky charm ended at that pen but I know of people who would wear same pair of jeans and tees for all the papers! I don’t know about luck factor but that’s pretty unhygienic for sure!

Lucky bracelet, watch, ring, key chain, wallet you just name it. There’s a huge variety in the lucky thing market. Some even have people in their lives whom they consider ‘lucky’ for them. Almost all of us have our own cherished lucky charms but don’t admit it that often. Is it superstition? At one point it is. Logically a thing can’t transform your fate. What’s about to happen no matter how hard you try, it is bound to happen. Sounds preachy but that is the truth. If you haven’t studied for your exams even your ‘lucky’ pen can’t save you. If you’re not prepared for that important office presentation then your ‘lucky ‘ clothes would not help you crack the deal. It is as simple and basic. Your hard work turns things in your favor not your lucky stuff. The only thing your cherished thing does for you is that it gives you positive vibes and kinda boosts your confidence. That is it! Its work ends there. And yours start. What happens next is up to you. You are responsible for it. It is all in our mind. literally.

Try it once. Go to your important meeting or exam or any occasion like this without that  lucky charm with same amount of confidence and self belief, it will definitely work.

If we can believe in a non-living thing so much that we consider it lucky for us then just imagine if we apply same belief in ourselves we would achieve so much. Just a random thought!


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