In memory of the good old letters!

It’s afternoon and am at home busy reading the newspaper after cleaning up the house. I know newspapers are to be read in the morning but hey we female species don’t get that time unlike our male counterparts. So here I am finally looking at what’s going on around the world. As was just going through a scam story (which is what we often read nowadays. Every other day there is a story about it and I wonder there will come a time the publishers would have to publish a separate supplement scam-paper!); the doorbell rang. It was postman uncle. I received few mails but among those mails what caught my eyes was a letter from my aunt. Yes a letter after a long time in this emailing and texting days. She stays abroad so usually we catch up through emails and once in a while chat on phone. Receiving the letter after such a long span; years actually, took me by surprise and reminded me of their existence!

Letter writing! It’s an art itself according to expert writers. I will have to add the word ‘forgotten’ here as nobody writes a letter these days. We are very comfortable with our texts and calls. Gone are the days when people used to wait for the letter they expected from a dear one. It used to mean so much. And the joy on their face while reading it…umm you can compare it with a ping received from your special one! I remember my mom writing letter to her mom back then as frequently as she could. And I would just complete her letter by writing my one-two lines of hellos and namaste. There weren’t telephones in each and every house. Forget about cellphones. So writing a letter was handy, convenient and the usual option to stay connected. It had its worth. You could just write whatever you wanted to say and post it. Ya the only flip side was that it took quite a time for your letter to arrive its destination. So if you were to invite someone for an occasion you had to make sure that you wrote it well in advance. Otherwise it was a total waste!

Coming back to present. There are no more letters to post.  The only post we relate to is our facebook and other social media platforms. The art of that hand written letter is missing from our generation. No matter how much we stay connected thru our phones but when someone takes a little bit of time from the packed schedule to just write to you – that says alot. Makes you feel closer and special. You can go through the letters again and again, touch the handwriting and feel the writer’s feelings. It’s the best souvenir you can get & give! I remember writing a piece for my bestie on her birthday a couple of years back. She was totally surprised seeing a letter written to her!
So what are you waiting for? Grab that pen and paper and see the difference it can bring!

Happy writing!!!


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