A Child Plays? – Not Anymore!!!

It was second Saturday of the week and thus my half day at work. I entered my building imagining that I won’t get my nap before I move out in evening as the building kids must be playing and making hell lot of noise. But as I reached home I was relieved as there was nothing like I thought! I could catch my nap as no kid was playing outside!
May had started and so was school vacations. This thought took me to my vacation days. And thousand memories just flashed back.
We would go to play right from the morning. And by playing am not referring to your candy crush, racing games, PS3 or any video games. We would play hopscotch, hide and seek,  our very own invented game Chocolate,  zoo,  red letter,  chor police etc etc.  All outdoor games. I have not even counted cricket & badminton! We all would play outside in the morning. It doesn’t end there as the second spell of playing would be board games at home in the afternoon to avoid sun and then the final one would be evening when we used to have the most fun! Our moms really had to work hard to get us back home even after it was dark as we just wouldn’t stop our games!!!
But those were the days! The best part of our childhood! And now all I see is children playing on their phones, ipads, computers. And missing out on the actual fun of playing outside with your real friends and not that programmed human being who will fight you back in that video game. Just a couple of days ago when I was traveling back home in train; a lady got in the train with her daughter who was 3-4 years old. Just after they settled, she gave her daughter her movile phone so she would be occupied thru the journey!
As they say technology comes with certain disadvantages and this probably is one of them. Well we can’t entirely blame children for it as parents themselves buy kids these stuff. They want them to be busy so they too can relax! I so thank my mum n dad for playing with me when friends were not around!! And not to blame parents alone,  even this lack of open space is a problem.  There is simply no space for these generation of kids to play. Thank god I was a ninety’s kid.
So what should be done to solve it? Well let’s make a  effort of just controlling the use of this gadgets so that children can  enjoy their age. Lets just help them cultivate a hobby; cycling, reading, painting,  sports whatever they like so that they also have stories of their childhood to tell after they’re grown up like us. Or otherwise just imagine the scene where they are bragging about how they used to crush candies, fight that villain in video games or worse how they used to get easy access to viral youtube videos!
Good luck gen- x or generation-tech !!!


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