Society of Hypocrites!!!

Wish it Dream it and you get it!!

I do believe in this but there sure is a difference.
Difference in our society our thinking our mindset.

Honestly I am a dreamer…there are a whole lot of things I think of & wanna get started to…things I want to do…things I want to pursue in free time…hone a couple of hobbies I have left with the busy schedule etc etc and the list just goes on and on!!

But at the end there’s so less time left for so many things to do. So many things to achieve. And now you will say why less time. You can always do what you want in fact we all should do what we desire.  But as I said there’s a difference.

It is that I am a girl. An ordinary Indian girl with a tint of extra ordinary beliefs and dreams. No matter how much we say that we have changed, we don’t differentiate between girl and boy but the real stories say something else altogether.

Recently one of my friend got married to a complete stranger that too with almost filmi emotional blackmail types drama. Thankfully she was lucky and is happy.
Another of my friend pursuing CA is mostly at home and has to take permission for every single outing and sometimes even call records.
One more of a friend doesn’t own a cell in this age. Like seriously!?!  Ohh yes..!!

And we say that we all are equals! Hypocrisy has become a part of our routine I guess.

On one side people preach about encouraging girls and on the other they restrict them. First you let the girl study further and then after around 2-3 yrs of working you start cajoling her to get settle down. And worst in some cases you force her to do so.

If a guy can decide when he wants to settle down, take responsibility then why we girls are denied of such decision making. First you empower the girl and then suddenly you cut off the wings. That’s really unfair!!!

As I am writing this, I don’t know what’s gonna be the case for me after a couple of years or so. But until then want to make full of this moment. Want to live life on my own terms. The way I have always wanted. Dream more and chase them with full swing.

Abhi to jeena shuru kia he…
Pankho ko felana sikha he…
Abhi to hawaon ka rukh janna shuru kia he…
Udaane bharna abhi baki he. .!!


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